Kroozin Kooler Is All ABOUT Giving You A Great Ice Cream Truck Experience!

We have had kids and adults in Rockford screaming for ice cream since 2009!

Have you ever been sitting around on a hot, sticky summer day wishing an ice cream truck would round the corner and serve you a frozen treat a few short steps away from your front door?

It was definitely something going through the mind of Kenny Polhamus on a hot summer day in June 2009. The heat index was over one hundred degrees that day and no one wanted to be inside. He mentioned the thought to his neighbors and received overwhelming support.
Never one to rest on a great idea, Kenny went down to the Rockford City Clerk’s office the very next day to inquire about an ice cream truck permit.

14-e485225f36They told him, “We do not issue permits for ice cream trucks. You’re not the first person to ask and certainly won’t be the last.”
“Yes,” Kenny replied, “but I will be the first person to do something about it!”
From there, he marched straight to the Mayor’s Office and requested a meeting. The mayor just so happened to be in and had some time to meet with Kenny. He told the mayor of his intentions and the mayor agreed the idea would be worth looking into.
On June 29, 2009, Kenny received a call from the local Rockford Register Star newspaper requesting an interview. They had seen the ice cream truck permit issue on the calendar for discussion at the City Council meeting that evening and wanted to get the full scoop.
That is when Kenny knew there was definitely a lot of excitement and encouragement in the community for this idea.

On July 13, 2009 the City Council voted to lift the long standing ban on ice cream trucks and Kroozin Kooler was given the very first permit!
Over the next three years, Kroozin Kooler grew from just one to three ice cream trucks. In 2013, Kenny realized he did not have the time to run both Kroozin Kooler and his other expanding business. He sold the ice cream truck business to Jim and Lindsey Leombruni in July 2013.

Since taking over Kroozin Kooler, the Leombrunis have increased their fleet to 9 ice cream trucks. They also expanded the business by giving folks the opportunity to book an ice cream truck for private special events.

We have been completely overwhelmed by the support we have received from our community. All of us here at Kroozin Kooler understand we are serving so much more than frozen treats.
For some, it is a sweet experience that transports them back to the simple days of their childhood. For others, it is a novel experience they will cherish forever.
So, whether we are “kroozin” through your neighborhood or you have booked us for your special event, we want your experience with a Kroozin Kooler ice cream truck to be both memorable and exceptional!

But enough about us…We want to hear from you!