If You Are Planning A Birthday Party In Winnebago or Boone County, DO NOT Buy A Single Party Favor Until You Read This!

Because in the next few paragraphs, I am going to tell you how to ensure you will come out looking like a party planning pro no matter what happens…

As anyone who has ever planned a birthday party before can attest to, it is not exactly a cakewalk. First there is the 11-af3c081969planning, then the prep work, and then actually making it work when people start showing up.
It is a lot of moving parts to manage but your margin for error is slim. Ultimately, you could find yourself at the mercy of others for some of the most critical aspects of your perfectly planned party (i.e. the baker for the cake, the cooperation of nature for attendance, the postal service for invitations, etc.).

Any number of things can go wrong unexpectedly. So what could you possibly plan for in advance to have at your birthday party that will be guaranteed to go right? How can you make it look like you are a party planning veteran, whether things are going according to plan or by the seat of your pants?

The solution is so simple, you will hate you didn’t have it in your back pocket for every other birthday party you have ever planned…
All you need to do to look good no matter what is use our Event Registration page to book a Kroozin Kooler ice cream truck to pay a special visit to your birthday party!
When you book Kroozin Kooler for your birthday party, we guarantee one of our clean, professionally staffed, and fully stocked ice cream trucks will show up at your party on time. Plus, you and your guests will be served with a smile by one of our courteous novelty ice cream experts.

Now, just guess how much it will cost you to book Kroozin Kooler for your birthday party?
Absolutely Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Or any other word / phrase you can come up with for $0.

That’s right…

You can have a Kroozin Kooler ice cream truck show up at your birthday party…
Make sure the birthday party you are planning is memorable too…Get a Kroozin Kooler ice cream truck booked for your upcoming birthday party. Go to the Event Request page right now to sign up or give us a call today!


All you would have to pay for is the ice cream. And with 40+ different types of ice cream treats affordably priced between $1.00 and $3.50, this is sure to be a memorable experience for birthday boys and girls of all ages.

Are you ready to take advantage of this unique and amazing offer? You need to head on over to our Event Request page to book a Kroozin Kooler ice cream truck for your party RIGHT NOW! Our schedule fills quickly and you definitely don’t want to miss the chance to make your birthday party failure-proof.

Seriously, we make birthday parties memorable. Some of our past customers can attest to it…

“We had Kroozin Koolers come to a party on Saturday and they were AWESOME! They arrived right when they said they would and couldn’t have been any better! The driver was very friendly (and patient!), the selection was fantastic, and prices good! Would highly recommend them to everyone! I know we’ll definitely have them back!” –Deb J.

“The ice cream truck was the highlight of my kids’ party! The adults were as excited as the kids!! The truck showed up exactly on time. Thank you so much!!” –Sarah H.

“Thank you so much for coming out to my father in laws 60th birthday BBQ @ our home. You being there was a hit with everyone- father in law said it was best surprise!! And all the kids and adults loved it so much!! Thanks again.” –Amanda Y.